Meet the Beltions, Beltish....Belters?

As these five go on sale I thought it might be good to present a few more of those photos, showing more of their three dimensional angles. So here they are, with a small description of who they are.

Glöwr & Ada

No one really notices this mining duo. They just go deep under the earth making fires burn, so that towns like Belton can grow and prosper. They only emerge once a week, sat in the corner with their well earned drink. This all makes them appear as two quiet souls, but if you do pop your ear near the hole they disappear into most days you can hear a lot of muffled banging and chatting.


That one you call on to gets things done. Most days you'll find him lassoing and hacking  at branches for their sweet sweet pieces of fruit with his whetstoned blade, but when trouble comes around those same tools come in very handy for so many helping wildlife caught in brambles.


The wandering amphibian travels around Belton and the surrounding villages performing odd tasks for anybody he passes by. Cudro never explicitly states he would like anything in return but that stomach does have a knack for rumbling on request.


The binding presence of Belton. Diol is a spiritual messenger that stands in the centre of town every morning calmly spreading his thoughts and reflections on the world. Many of the inhabitants don't align with the opinions and beliefs voiced at sunrise, but the open and caring nature of Diol means they often feel free to gather with their neighbours. Although Diol is still personally saddened by their sins.


People say you don't want this one in your village. That kind of talk may not always be fair on Dwyn, but the crimes committed when this traveller has appeared in towns like Belton, does mean there may be some validity to the hatred shown by those locals.