Dear Toycon UK Diary

You know what would be a good use of this blog? A constant update of how my work towards Toycon UK in April is going. It may drop on a particularly tough day or two (or if other creations pop up at my desk), but hopefully on the whole you will get some good insights it what I'm doing and I can take a few minutes to gather my thoughts on my plans and process.

Also I will be writing these in slightly squeezed moments of free time so apologies right now if some moments are a muddle of words and thoughts, I want to get back into the routine of letting people into my work so I'm just jumping in without thought to avoid fear of re-re-re-rewrites.

I'll start by saying I'm already under way but behind...a few jobs appeared to pull me away from my desk along with a custom commission I couldn't turn down*. But here is the first custom Dunny sculpted and sprayed with a hand full more to sculpt later this week.

I'm working on my final plans for resin cast piece again as well but hoping to play with pigments this year, I enjoyed painting my rainbow of Peds last time but I like the idea of just playing with pigments and seeing where it takes me. The toy is made of two (ish) parts so I'm hoping I can get some pigmentened joy by casting a pile of parts in my favourite array of colours and then seeing which colours parts sit well together.

Beyond that it's sketchbooks and thoughts, although if you'd like to see a sketch or two let me know as my sketchbook is a random blast of old and new ideas so I'll have to dig and edit some together to avoid showing my master plan that will one day blow the Art and Toy world's mind in 2057!


*sneaky tip: If you ever want me to drop everything and work on a custom for you, ask me to work on a toy I've never customised...or anything by Coarse...or a Muttpop Tequila)