Toycon UK 2016

I would like to go on about my many colds and how I can't wait to see your lovely eyebrowless faces but no, lets just show what will be coming with me to Toycon UK this year!

Colaboration with RunDMB . custom MadL . price not quite worked out...

Wiff . custom Clover . £90

Glyn . custom Dunny . £100

Geira . custom Milton . £60

Law . custom Trikky . £60

Carch . custom Dunny . £90

Aria . custom Labbit . £90

Bync . custom Dunny . £80

Hanc . Custom Mini Munny . £110

Cen . custom Trikky . £50

Letys . custom Dunny . £120

Lleuad . custom Misfortune Cat . £60

Webb . custom Dunny . £110

Cipo . custom Foomi . £60

Gludi . custom Dunny . £80

And there they are. More things will be coming along with me including a few pieces that fell off the back of an Ecto 1. 

(Also I don't really like selling my work with any amount of threat but I have lowered prices where I can and rounded down to the nearest 10 to avoid issues with change. So if you do really want a certain one I'd grab it on the day for that extra little saving.)

Meet the Beltions, Beltish....Belters?

As these five go on sale I thought it might be good to present a few more of those photos, showing more of their three dimensional angles. So here they are, with a small description of who they are.

Glöwr & Ada

No one really notices this mining duo. They just go deep under the earth making fires burn, so that towns like Belton can grow and prosper. They only emerge once a week, sat in the corner with their well earned drink. This all makes them appear as two quiet souls, but if you do pop your ear near the hole they disappear into most days you can hear a lot of muffled banging and chatting.


That one you call on to gets things done. Most days you'll find him lassoing and hacking  at branches for their sweet sweet pieces of fruit with his whetstoned blade, but when trouble comes around those same tools come in very handy for so many helping wildlife caught in brambles.


The wandering amphibian travels around Belton and the surrounding villages performing odd tasks for anybody he passes by. Cudro never explicitly states he would like anything in return but that stomach does have a knack for rumbling on request.


The binding presence of Belton. Diol is a spiritual messenger that stands in the centre of town every morning calmly spreading his thoughts and reflections on the world. Many of the inhabitants don't align with the opinions and beliefs voiced at sunrise, but the open and caring nature of Diol means they often feel free to gather with their neighbours. Although Diol is still personally saddened by their sins.


People say you don't want this one in your village. That kind of talk may not always be fair on Dwyn, but the crimes committed when this traveller has appeared in towns like Belton, does mean there may be some validity to the hatred shown by those locals.

Toycon UK 2015 creations

So I'm all packed up and ready to go!

Before I start spinning towards London here is a guide to everything you will find on my table this saturday (the prices are still a little soft, so maybe expect a slight price change on the day as I'm trying to round totals off to avoid annoying issues with change without just pushing ever price up to multiples of ten).

I'm also going to have a rummage in the darkest corner of my studio to see if there are any extras I can bring along for a bargain or two. 

Unkept Loinn

First run limited to 24 . All one of a kind colour ways, with hand painted details



Custom 3" Dunny and 2" Labbit 



Bryn Rock

Custom 3" Dunny


Custom 3" Dunny


Custom 3" Dunny


Custom 3" Dunny


Custom 3" Dunny


Custom 4" Wool


Custom 3" Baby Toyer Qee


Custom 3" Baby Toyer Qee


Custom 3" Dunny


Custom 3" Dunny


Custom 3" Dunny


Custom 3" Dunny


Dear Toycon UK Diary

You know what would be a good use of this blog? A constant update of how my work towards Toycon UK in April is going. It may drop on a particularly tough day or two (or if other creations pop up at my desk), but hopefully on the whole you will get some good insights it what I'm doing and I can take a few minutes to gather my thoughts on my plans and process.

Also I will be writing these in slightly squeezed moments of free time so apologies right now if some moments are a muddle of words and thoughts, I want to get back into the routine of letting people into my work so I'm just jumping in without thought to avoid fear of re-re-re-rewrites.

I'll start by saying I'm already under way but behind...a few jobs appeared to pull me away from my desk along with a custom commission I couldn't turn down*. But here is the first custom Dunny sculpted and sprayed with a hand full more to sculpt later this week.

I'm working on my final plans for resin cast piece again as well but hoping to play with pigments this year, I enjoyed painting my rainbow of Peds last time but I like the idea of just playing with pigments and seeing where it takes me. The toy is made of two (ish) parts so I'm hoping I can get some pigmentened joy by casting a pile of parts in my favourite array of colours and then seeing which colours parts sit well together.

Beyond that it's sketchbooks and thoughts, although if you'd like to see a sketch or two let me know as my sketchbook is a random blast of old and new ideas so I'll have to dig and edit some together to avoid showing my master plan that will one day blow the Art and Toy world's mind in 2057!


*sneaky tip: If you ever want me to drop everything and work on a custom for you, ask me to work on a toy I've never customised...or anything by Coarse...or a Muttpop Tequila)

A new home and store coming soon!

Well done on hunting down this site before I've found the time to truly finish it. You truly are the master of the internet and all that it contains, enjoy you amazing animal videos and amazon reviews!

I won't write too much now as a new website and finishing the joyful personal accounts (and sorting heating issues) pales in comparison to crafting my little partially plastic friends. 

So if you see a glaring mistake please point me to it, but beyond that sit back and hopefully see some more appear on the site as I start flipping up images and other html related things I probably kind of understand..